Game of Thrones

Game of thrones

When someone would ask me why I am a fan of Game of Thrones? Why is it that I would wait for year in anticipation for the release of another episode? Be so vested in every character? Mourn at the death of my favourite character and spend a day gloating over the sudden demise of a hateful character. My answers are far more complicated than the questions posed to me.

If I could, I would write an ode to Game of Thrones. But since I have no poetic inclination, I will try and do as much justice as I can while I dole out my appreciation. One of the main reasons l love Game of Thrones is the fact that it’s a complex maze of characters. Like a delicate cobweb, we have seven kingdoms sprawn across but deeply interconnected. So interconnected they are by the way of alliances, obligations, debts, fear, mistrust, marriage and lust that it is a wonder it all hasn’t found a way of self destruction. Somehow this fragile framework holds up, where one pawn feeds a wealthy, power yielding lord who feeds another pawn, who in turn feeds another….and so it goes on. Till of course, the king, who holds all the strings meets an untimely death, does the whole maze fall apart. Of course, as the vital pieces go missing, it becomes increasingly hard to hold the whole story together, which is why you need new pieces to be constantly introduced to the plot and thus a different story unfolds that grips your mind, heart and soul easily for 5 long seasons.

On one hand, it can be argued that GOT is as far from real life as possible. There is a gruesome amount of violence. Nudity at every point, people dying faster than mosquitoes and a change in the plot at the blink of an eye. And then there are dragons, white walkers, ancient wisdom, sorcerers and the likes that we haven’t quite yet understood.

But despite all of this, it is more closer to home than you can imagine. Amidst the huge diversity in 7 kingdoms, its people, culture, clothes, ideas, habitats, and two completely different languages invented for the sole purpose of this story, you find relevance all the time. There is patriotism at one point, anger, rebellion, betrayal, revenge, diplomacy, rags to riches story, cold blooded murders, shameless seduction, manipulation etc. you can deny as much as you want, but nothing hits  closer to home as much as this show.

Nothing teaches you how to be a political leader more than this story. It has a unique way of showing how alliances are born and wrought at conveniences, how you are a leader at one point and burnt to death the next moment. How a simple mistake can lead to civil unrest, how sometimes violence is the only solution to bring about peace.if while growing up, someone failed to teach you the harsh realities of life, I suggest you watch this show cause it does a pretty good job at that. I bow down to George R R Martin. For me this show is, simply put, a game of dice come alive!


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